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Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Activities, Blog, Photos | 0 comments

[Catalyst] Volume 3: The Inside Story

Halo sahabat buca! bulan Juni yang lalu kita diundang Maverick Indonesia untuk ikutan Catalyst vol. 3. Nah Kak Dinda dan kak Arga yang bertugas untuk mewakili Buku Berjalan Indonesia untuk main dan mengikuti acara tersebut. Apa sih sebetulnya Catalyst itu?

Catalyst itu adalah workshop/training yang rutin digelar oleh Maverick Indonesia untuk membantu meningkatkan skill komunikasi dari teman-teman NGO/LSM seperti Buku Berjalan Indonesia. Simak cerita lengkapnya yuk!

June 10 turned out to be another super-pleasant day for us as we hosted the third volume of Catalyst. There were 32 people from various parts of Jakarta (even from out of town), such as Indorelawan, Forest Watch Indonesia, Sahabat Anak, Kreasi Daur Ulang, Yayasan Kita Bisa, and ICT Watch that attended so they could be part of this pro bono training/workshop, which we regularly conduct especially for local NGOs and communities to help them enhance their communications skills.

Representing a total of 20 local NGOs and communities, the 32 participants spent a solid six hours with us to learn about “Creating Impactful and Successful Communications Campaigns for Local NGOs and Communities,” a topic that we hope gave them some ideas about the basics they need to cover before launching a campaign. We know first-hand that many of these organizations have great ideas and the best of intentions at heart, but unfortunately are still lacking the attention they deserve both from the media and the public. With the help of our speakers and the materials delivered, we certainly hope that this is an area we have immediately improved.

The training started right on time at 10am with Fawziah Selamat, our first (and in-house) speaker, who introduced the participants to what a communications campaign is all about; what are the elements of a campaign, the types, what makes a campaign fail or succeed, and so on. This is an area that Fawziah is familiar with given her background of working with and for NGOs such as CIFOR, as well as being a journalist before joiningMaverick.

After Fawziah was done, it was time for Zack Petersen to share his ideas and experience. Zack is a Strategic OutreachSpecialist from RTI International who has made a name for himself for creative campaigns such as Pies in the Face, which he organizes to raise funds for numerous causes. Zack’s materials form a comprehensive guide on how to prepare a creative campaign right down to its implementation. He began with how to build campaign coalitions before moving onto development an interest and coalition matrix,audience mapping, timelines, and not forgetting AAR (After Action Reviews),which, for many, was a new concept that they learned through Catalyst.

Another in-house speaker, Karina Prameswari, delivered the last leg of the training. At Maverick, Karina is the lead consultant for Heineken and LACTOGEN 3 & 4. She explained about the importance of choosing the most effective communications tools for a campaign, whether conducted offline or online. She also provided examples as to when press releases are appropriate for campaigns or whether a press conference needs to be held. Karina also informed the audience of what sort of activities need a media briefing, when to hold an on-the-ground activation, what “byline” and“OP/ED” means, and so on. The same goes for online campaigns: one must know when to utilize websites/blogs and social media and whether or not they are necessary. Karina completed session by broadening her explanations with examples of scenarios in which these tools would be most effective.

Once all the presentations were concluded, we divided the participants into groups and assigned them the task of coming up with a communications campaign plan. Although there were one or two groups whose interests were initially completely opposite with one another, we were happy to see how vigorous and friendly the discussions wee. Each of the speakers was there to assist, too. They approached each group and without hesitation guided the participants in the formulation of their campaign plans.

After a 40-minute group discussion, every group was given 5 minutes to present its plan. We were thrilled to see how spot-on most of the groups were. Even though some were quite nervous about how short the presentation time was, each learned something new from this workshop: effective presentation. After each presentation, each group had the opportunity to hear feedback from the speakers, consisting mostly of input on how to refine its plan.

In the end, everyone was more than happy with how the training/workshop turned out, especially given that this time was the first time for Catalyst to use both Bahasa Indonesia and English in the delivery. The participants were active, session dynamics were awesome, and last but definitely not least, all participants got to grow their network by making new friends through Catalyst.

To all the speakers, thank you very much for donating your time and for the knowledge transfer. To the participants, thank you for coming and we hope you found this volume of Catalyst beneficial for your organization.

Until Catalyst Vol. 4!

Text and photo by Maverick Indonesia

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